Repair Service

Woodwind, Brass and Musical Instrument Repairs in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire

The following services are currently available:

Your instrument will be thoroughly checked for leaks, pads will be reseated and regulated; I will replace two pads as per price list, springs and one tenon cork, or fit joints on a flute.

Full Service - as part of a full service, I will carry out the following work as required:

  • Strip, clean or polish all keywork as needed and degrease pads, rodscrews and barrels
  • Check pillar alignment (saxophones and flutes)
  • Degrease pads, check for wear and replace as needed
  • Check tone holes for level and for rough spots on saxophones (levelling is offered at an additional cost)
  • Replace missing key corks, two springs and two tenon cork
  • Re-cork tenon fittings where required
  • Replacing damaged pads at the relevant cost per pad
  • Oil all parts, reassemble seat pads and regulate mechanism
  • Play testing to ensure your instrument is in working order!
  • Short service: as with full service, but without cleaning

Please note that for badly tarnished silver plate on bodies and keywork, extra charges will apply.

The following charges apply for replacement pads:

  • Clarinet and oboe - £2.75 each
  • Cork pads - £4.00 each
  • Flute - £3.50 each
  • Saxophone - from £8.00 each (depending on size)
  • Bassoon - £8.00

Full re-padding:

As for full service, but replacing all pads. Includes tone hole levelling and minor key-wear.

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